Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Surprise Package

Look what came in the mail yesterday...the most wonderful package from my dear stitching friend Katrina! We have both been collecting the Whitman's tins for the Fancy Work sewing sets. The Sampler and Bronze Griffin you can see in the picture were the last I needed to complete my collection and dear Katrina has found them for me! It was such a wonderful surprise...thank you so much for thinking of me Katrina and helping me to complete my know how much I appreciate it! :o)

I haven't been stitching much so no finishes to share this time! I could have got a good bit done last night but had settled down for a quiet evening with DH Colin to watch The Prestige on DVD. I'm stitching my first spider stitches so thought perhaps it wasn't a good idea to tackle these while trying to follow the film! It was Colin's birthday and we were home! Our youngest Matthew had caught the train to London earlier in the day for an overnight stay with our eldest Jason...they both went to see Prince at the Millennium Dome in the evening.

Had a wonderful girls night out on Monday with my Mum, sister Sarah and my sister Debra who has been over from Cape Town staying with my Mum for two weeks. We went to the cinema to see Hairspray and then for something to eat after. We really enjoyed the film, it was so funny!


Mindi said...

Lovely tins, and a nice surprise. Thank you for including the link to Fancy Work, they have some very nice designs I hadn't seen before.

Stitchingranny said...

Lovely tins Carol, isnt it wonderful how just a little gift from a friend can really make your day.

Glad you had a fun night out with your mum and sisters, it must be lovely to have your sister from Cape Town over, bet you dont see a lot of each other wish such a big distance between you.

Anonymous said...

Ooh lucky you to get those lovely tins, they are two of the most difficult to get nowadays, and have been on my wish list for ages.

Julie said...

How lovely of Katrina to send you the tins to complete your set, they are very nice

Girls nights out are the best, good company, good food, plenty of fun and no men LOL

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! You've always nice things to show!
This tins are awesome! I'm trying too to find them, but I had not enough luck... :D:D:D

Sally said...

Wow those tins are lovely Carol. I bet you are really pleased to have completed your collection. Have you seen the new sewing sets?

Sounds like you had a great night out with your Mum and your sisters.

Moreen said...

Love the tins Carol. Can't wait to see the spider stitches.

Anonymous said...

oh boy, i'm so jealous ! they are beautiful !

Sarah Youde said...

Oooh I love them!

Christine said...

Your stitching is beautiful as usual !
I just want to let you know that i put your blog in the “5 blogs i like” list in a post for Blog’s Day.
i hope it won’t bother you.

Christine said...

it's me again :
please replace word "bother" by "disturb" in my first post.
Sorry !

Anonymous said...

I've found your blog at Su's!
Your blog is sooo beautiful, of course your works too!!
The tin cans are very beautiful and besides the pinkeep and scissors fob below (the last post!)!!
I really love it!

Lelia said...

enjoy your new tins : ) Yes, they have become more difficult to locate

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