Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another big day!

It's another big day for Colin and I as we have at last exchanged and completed on the purchase of a plot of land for our next self-build. It's taken us so much longer then we had expected, what with legal issues with access onto the land and then getting our planning application for a 4-bedroomed house passed through planning. There were no problems with the plans, it's just the time that it's taken with the planning department...there's just no hurrying them!!

Obviously nothing much to see yet but here are a couple of photos of the jungle.

This last one is the view I will have from all the rooms to the rear, or so Colin tells me (trees to the left and right of the photo will be gone tomorrow). He laughs at me when he brings the photos home...I just can't find my bearings with the plot being so overgrown! We'll be making the most of this view with French doors with glass panels down each side. These will be in both the lounge and dining room which lead out onto a veranda. I've already got my name on the seat nearest the french doors in the lounge where I will sit and!

Once we've started getting on a bit with the build I shall regularly post progress pics on my website like I did before with our last build. I know family will be interested in seeing these but please feel free to pop along if you would like see how we are getting on!


Sally said...

I hope your new self build goes well Carol:)

Susimac said...

Gorgeous view Im looking forward to following youe new build as I so enjoyed looking at your last pictures of the other build.

Mindi said...

The land looks fantastic, hope you don't need to cut down too many trees.

Stitchingranny said...

What a lovely view you will have Carol - I shall be watching progress. Is this to be the final one or will you be selling up and building another when this is done lol.

Moreen said...

Glad that everything is sorted and you can start your new build, I'm excited for you and your view looks great, can't wait to see more progress.

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