Sunday, July 15, 2012

I've been spoilt!

Well actually Colin has spoilt me several times since I've joined him here in Dubai, but this weekend he bought me this beautiful FreyWille bangle while we were out shopping at one of the malls.  I've loved FreyWille jewellery for ages and was very excited to find a FreyWille shop when I arrived here, and to be able to actually see them in real life and get to try on the different styles.  It was difficult to choose one as they are all so lovely, but in the end I decided that as I wanted to be able to wear it a lot, a style with lots of colours would be a good choice and would go with most things.  I couldn't believe I was carrying my own back home with me at the end of the day, it was a totally unexpected surprise!  Could it be a pressie because he's going to miss me when I leave him next weekend to come home to the UK for a visit, or perhaps it's because he's looking forward to a bit of piece and quiet for a few weeks until he comes home to join me…lol!

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Charlene ♥ NC said...

Not familiar with this jeweler, but it is lovely and would "go" with most everything! Congrats for 'just because.'

Julie said...

Beautiful. Enjoy your visit back to the UK.

KC'sCourt! said...

That's really beautiful
Julie xxxxxxxx

Maggee said...

OOh that is gorgeous! It WILL go with everything! Have a good trip home! Hugs!

Michelle said...

Its beautiful xx

Evelyne said...

Beautiful bracelet!
Lovely colours.
Enjoy you time in the UK!

gracie said...

So pretty!

Laura said...

Have a great time in the Uk.
I am sure it is because he is going to miss

butterfly said...

Lovely gift Carol, enjoy your time back home, hugs.

Christiane42 said...

hello Carole !
Ce bracelet est magnifique, quel beau cadeau.
Tes ouvrages de broderies sont superbe, tu fais vraiment de belles choses !
A très bientôt.

Anonymous said...

Clever choice for a beautiful gift: you'll be wearing a lot. I have this one FreyWille necklace that my DH surprised me with years ago - with a hiegloglyph design, it's more difficult to match it with one's clothes (still, it is very pretty too !).
Husbands should spoil their wives : don't we spoil them too ?

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