Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Amazing Weekend!

I don't often post about what I get up to, but wanted to share some photos of the lovely weekend we've just had at the Atlantis on the Palm that the company Colin works for treated us to.  It was AMAZING - the room, the food, everything!  We've been to the Atlantis a couple of times before, but never stayed overnight with access to all the areas.  Last year when the boys and Nic came to stay we took them fine dining at the Ossiano Restaurant.  That truly was an experience - even the menus were on

This is me sitting in the lobby.
The priceless Dale Chihuly sculpture was created using 3,000 hand blown pieces
that were individually placed to create the 10m high centrepiece.

This was our room and that's the bath just beyond the sliding panels. 

Colin checking out the hotel restaurants I should!

The bathroom.

I know, too many bathroom photos, but it was lovely!  I couldn't get over the size of it - I've never stayed in a hotel before with such a big!

Colin and I taken from the back of the hotel.

There were several areas around the ground floor were you could stop and see into the Ambassador Lagoon.  It really was amazing.  We took lots of photos but they don't really do it justice.

View looking over our balcony.

View of the Arabian sea from our balcony.

We had a brilliant time, but not enough time to do everything we would have liked to have done as there was so much you could do there, which means I suppose we will have to go back again won't!

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Barb said...

Words fail me , fab-u-lous!!!!

MartinaM said...

Thank you for the incredible photos.
It is as if oneself was doing.

Have a nice time

Patty C. said...

So glad you enjoyed your time! Great photos :)

Julie said...

So luxurious, how wonderful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience Carol.

Bev said...

That looks just AMAZING!!! what was the huge colourful central display in the lobby made of, it's beautiful x

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

What a wonderful trip and how great to get to stay in such lush accomodations. FUN!!

Carol said...

Hi Bev - I should have added some info on the sculpture centrepiece, but have edited the post with it now. :o)

Nima said...

Oh were in Dubai..i'm sure you enjoyed that place

scarole said...

waouh! It seems to be great

Unknown said...

how cool is that ... there are ... I also own a fantastic experience

Andrea said...

Fantastic! How beautiful!

Valie said...

All what I can say is, Waoh ! Like you, I would have taken many pics of the bathroom. What a great place to be treated to. Hope you enjoyed every single minute of it.

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