Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Stash

This past week I've received some lovely new additions to my stash. My favourite though has got to be A Mon Ami Pierre's 'Victoria's Quaker'. I haven't got the Victoria Clayton silks I need for it yet but once I do I can't see it being too long before I'll want to make a start on it. The pinkeep is just gorgeous so I think I shall have to start this first! Little House Needleworks' 'Summer Silk Sampler' isn't in the picture because it's still in the post but it shouldn't be too long before I'll be adding this to my stash too!

Yes, that is another Whitman's tin you can! I really have Katrina to thank that I have this one! I haven't recently been checking Hanging By A Thread's 'What's New' page and could have missed this one if Katrina hadn't let me know they were there. Thank you so much Katrina! :o) I now only have the Sampler and Bronze Griffin tins to find to complete my collection for the sewing set charts by Fancy Work. I think these two are going take a little longer to find, especially the Griffin which I've never even seen yet!

Before I forget I must let Nicole know (hope you get to see this Nicole) that the fabric I used for 'A Place We Call Home' was the listed 28ct Country French Latte.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Place We Call Home

I started on this a couple of months ago and finished it last night. I've only been doing a little on it every now and then, but have still thoroughly enjoyed working on it. This is my first Country Cottage Needleworks design. I just loved the verse and thought it would be the perfect piece for our new home we moved into last February as our new home is also our first self-build!

I don’t think I shall be having quite as much stitching and computer time this week as usual, which doesn’t bother me at all. It will be because my eldest Jason came home yesterday to stay for the week, so I’m very excited…I just love having him home with us! Although we chat on the phone and email regularly I’ve not seen him since Christmas and I probably won’t again until next Christmas, so I shall be making the most of our time together!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two new finishes...

...just for me!!! :o)

I love anything from the designer Mary Garry, so as my old faithful scissor fob that I stitched some time ago was beginning to look a bit worn, this little design 'Sit & Sew' was the perfect replacement. It's been a while since I've finished a fob and I'm so excited about this one - I love it!

I'm so pleased with how my first mattress pincushion turned out too. I couldn't believe my luck in finding two designs by Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin in an older Just Cross Stitch magazine. It was only a couple of days after spotting it listed on a website I hadn't visited for a long time that it came up on Ebay for 'Buy It Now'. The seller kindly agreed to mail to the UK and it arrived just a week later. I didn't have a clue what the designs were like either, just that they were called Spring Duo. Can you imagine how excited I was when I saw 'Raining Pins & Needles' (the smaller of the two). I couldn't wait to stitch it!

Both were stitched on 32ct Belfast Flax using the listed DMC and Gentle Art Sampler Threads for 'Raining Pins & Needles', but changing the DMC 926 listed for the fob to the Blueberry GAST so that they would be the same.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Another first for me!

Guess who this one is for? Well she did drop a big enough hint when I did my post on pins and as it's her birthday today I thought I'd do my first practice pinkeep for my little sis...LOL!

The design is by Diane Williams (LHN) from the Leisure Arts book Tokens of Affection. I've stitched this 1 over 1 on 25ct so that it would make a nice little size for a pinkeep. Would you believe I didn't even get to use any of those boxed pins I got off Ebay recently as I felt the pinks and greens on the rosette I already had suited better! I'm so thrilled with how it's turned out and can't wait to do another!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

In reply to...

...the requests I've received over the weekend asking me where in the UK I bought the gorgeous fabrics in my previous post.

The green, rose and plum/eggplant sampler prints were from Antique Angel. The multi coloured sampler print was from Cross Patch along with the plain coloured fabrics. You can't actually order online from Cross Patch but their contact no. is on the homepage.

HTH! :o)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Got a little carried away again!

I just had to have a piece of this sampler print fabric after seeing how Anne (Tempus Fugit) had used it to finish her pinkeep. As you can see though, while searching for the multi coloured print I also found another sampler print in other colours by the same designer, which of course I just had to have too. You know what it's like...I just couldn't decide on which other colour to have so thought it would be best to play safe and have all three...LOL! Won't they be perfect for lining some of those little tins with their sewing accessories! I had to order from a couple of different sites but they were in the UK with next day delivery which was great because I just couldn't wait to get my grubby little hands on them!

The plain fabrics are also from the same collection, described as an evenweave fabric equivalent to 28ct and apparently lovely to stitch on. The four FQs were bundled together and with discount came to £ could I resist!
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