Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pins, pins and more pins!

Look what arrived in the post today!

I think I may have got just a little carried away recently after visiting another stitchers blog I like to read. Not only did she post a picture of all her pins but she also mentioned the Ebay seller's ID and shop. I have a few pins already but you don't get that many of each colour on the rosettes you can get here in the UK.

I think I had better now make a start at some of those pinkeeps that I keep promising myself I'll have a go at...just hope I'm going to enjoy making them now that I have all these pins...LOL!

Oh btw, the seller's Ebay ID is Work4Pnuts and her Ebay shop is The Crafty Elephant. :o)

Monday, May 21, 2007

My first bourse!

This is my first stitchy finish since starting my blog and I'm so excited because I've at last made a bourse which I've been wanting to try for ages. I stitched this little gift for my Mum for her birthday today.

The design is 'Heartstrings' from The Cat's Whiskers. Stitched using the listed 32ct Antique White Belfast Linen and DMC threads. I also chose to use the four little Mill Hill pink heart treasures (instructions are given to back stitch the little heart shapes if you prefer). Full instructions for finishing are also included. Below is a picture of the bourse opened out flat. You can just make out the little heart treasures - there's one down each side.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's here at last!

My 'Milkpaint Sampler' by Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin. It's taken 6 weeks to the day for it to arrive from Kreinik. I was afraid it had gone astray in the post so had to e-mail Kreinik with my concerns, who informed me that their estimated delivery time to the UK was 4 to 6 weeks...can you believe that! I'm so relieved it's here safely now! I just love the way it's packaged in it's little box!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Another tin came this morning!

This is the last one I'm expecting...it's another Whitman's Cloisonné tin. I actually found this one on Ebay for 'Buy It Now' before I was fortunate enough to find my other one here in the UK (see previous post). I did wonder if in my desperation to have one of these tins and not knowing what to expect, whether I may have been a little bit hasty buying it. Now it's here though it really is quite pretty and I'm more then happy with it. It's a little bit different to the other...the tin is identical but has also been embellished with coloured crystals.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Dancing!

A few weeks ago I received my Whitman's tins with the sewing set charts from Fancy Work. There were a couple of tins I couldn't get which I believe are now unavailable...the Cloisonné and the Sampler Heart! I've been searching the internet, checking out EBay and e-mailing my favourite overseas ONS to ask for help, but was sadly not getting anywhere. During my search though I ended up on a UK website I hadn't visited for a while. Some of the charts and tins were still listed but suggested e-mailing to check stock. Well after all that hunting overseas can you believe it...she still had the Cloisonné tin I needed...YIPPEE!!! The Cloisonné tin arrived safely yesterday and today I'm happy dancing because the Heart tin I found at last just over a week ago arrived safely this morning too!

Look at all my lovely tins...think I'm going to be a little bit busy stitching up sewing sets don't you...LOLOL!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Well here I am...

...a Blogger!

Never thought I would be and don't know how successful I'll be at it, but hopefully I'll manage to post at least once a week and not make too many mistakes while I'm learning! It's looking a little boring here now but I hope to pretty it up soon! :o)

Just a little about myself. I'm Carol from Plymouth in the UK, married to Colin. We will be celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary this September...gosh doesn't time fly when you're having fun!! I do have two other men in my life, our sons Jason and Matthew. It's Jason's 24th birthday in two weeks. Since finishing his Degree and Post Grad at Cardiff University he now lives and works as a review editor on a music magazine in London. Matthew is 19 and is still at home which I think he will be for a little while longer yet, although he has recently decided that he would like to go on to University after all, so watch this space!

I love to Cross Stitch so this is what you will mostly find me sharing and chatting about on my blog! I also have a little website...well it's gallery for my stitching really. Hope you will find time to pop by!
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