Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Me, I'm Back!!

I can't believe it's been over two months since I last blogged! I'm afraid I have no finishes to share just yet! I have done a little stitching while I've been gone but haven't finished making anything up! :o(

I really must say a very big thank you to Elisa, Jessie, Jurga, Jeanne and Sherry for the blog awards they've given me while I've been away. I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to get around to thanking you all, I really do appreciate them though! I hope it's ok but I shall be passing these awards on to all the blogs I visit, as I think you all deserve them and I would find it so hard to choose just a few of you!

Due to the slump in the property market DH Colin and I have had to make some big decisions regarding our self-build at Spire Hill. Still nothing definite decided on yet as we do have a few options still to think about, but for the time being we have decided to stop the build. For the last few years Colin has been working locally, part-time for just two days a week so that he could project manage and contribute as much of his own time with both our self-builds. With the build also being at a stage now where he doesn't need to be spending so many hours there, he's now ready to go back offshore, overseas to work, which looks as though it could be as early as next Saturday! My youngest Matthew is also off at the end of September to study English at Brighton University, so there's going to be lots of big changes! It's going to be soooo quiet here on my own - what will I do with all my extra spare time...lol!

Before I go I must just share this photo I took recently of my two boys outside the O2 Arena. Jason my eldest is on the right and Matthew is on the left. Even when Jase comes home to visit it's not often I get them both together long enough to take a decent photo. Matthew and I caught the train to London earlier in the month to spend the day with Jase. I had a wonderful time - just me with my boys looking after me! We had a lovely lunch before going on to the Tutankhamun Exhibition at the O2.

Will hopefully be back again soon with a finish or two to share. :o)

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