Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Little Finish!

I have a finish at last!  It's only a little something, but it was a really enjoyable stitch, which I have finished as a scissor fob.  All the stitches are specialty stitches, and although it's only a small design, it took a little longer to do then expected because of the specialty stitches.

The design is a complimentary one from Keepsake Stitches, which you can find here.  I substituted two of the Gentle Art Sampler Threads, as they didn't show up enough on the 32ct Putty Belfast linen that I chose to stitch it on.  For the beehive I used Crescent Colours Finley Gold, and for the date on the back I used GAST Harvest Moon.  I've made a little change too.  Instead of stitching the bee on the chart I've attached a tiny brass bee charm.  Both sides are joined together using the four-sided square stitch.  This is the first time I've joined two pieces together using the four-sided square stitch, and I wasn't too sure at first if I was going to like it as much as when I've whipstitched back stitches together, but I actually think now that it looks really nice!  

We are off on our travels again soon, so I won't be stitching for a while (and just when I had found my mojo again)!  We have to return home to the UK for a couple of weeks to finish emptying our home for letting, a job we didn't quite get finished when we were there at Christmas.  We are thrilled that our first tenants will be my brother and sister-in-law.  They have recently sold their own home, and have asked if they could rent ours for a period of time, which is great for us, as we know it will be well looked after.  I'm excited to see what postie has delivered for me too, as I have placed a few orders to be sent home while I've been here, so that I can pick them up to bring back with me.  It will be like Christmas all over!

I know I don't post very often these days, but thank you for popping by I really do appreciate it!

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