Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pins, pins and more pins!

Look what arrived in the post today!

I think I may have got just a little carried away recently after visiting another stitchers blog I like to read. Not only did she post a picture of all her pins but she also mentioned the Ebay seller's ID and shop. I have a few pins already but you don't get that many of each colour on the rosettes you can get here in the UK.

I think I had better now make a start at some of those pinkeeps that I keep promising myself I'll have a go at...just hope I'm going to enjoy making them now that I have all these pins...LOL!

Oh btw, the seller's Ebay ID is Work4Pnuts and her Ebay shop is The Crafty Elephant. :o)


Sally said...

Wow those pins are gorgeous Carol. I must have been reading the same blog as you as I have that seller saed for future reference!

Sarah Youde said...

You just wanted pretty needles didn't you? You forgot about actually threading them to do the stitching lol.

They are lovely Carol and you have plenty enough to put in my pin keep when you make it :D :D

Karen said...

lovely colours of pins

Lisa said...

I love all those colourful pins! I really need to get some more myself soon. Will have to try the seller you used.

Julie said...

WOW nice colours, thanks for the link

Claire said...

Love all the colours of the pins - off to have a look!


Moreen said...

Are you sure you have enough

Andrea said...

I should be on comission!!!!! There are some lovely colours there in your stash.

Your bourse looks gorgeous. Very pretty and delicate. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the info, I'm rushing to see this seller's boutique ! congratulations for your blog, you are very talented.

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