Tuesday, March 25, 2008

House For Sale

The time has come for us to put our little home on the market for sale, hopefully in time for moving into our new build! I always get a little emotional when we move home, even though I'm happy to be moving and I'm really excited about our next move but for some reason as soon the removers turn up I just burst into tears, I just don't know why and I'm sure it will happen again this time! I think I shall feel a little more sad at leaving this time though, as this was our first self-build. DH Colin isn't at all bothered but then I suppose he does spend most of his time at our new home already!

I never did get round to adding internal photos of this build after it had been finished and we had moved in. Full details are up on the internet at the moment with the estate agents who are marketing the property for us. So if you would like to take a peek at how it was all finished inside you'll find them here.

Sharon had a couple of questions about our new build at Spire Hill. Spire Hill isn't going to be a second home for us Sharon, we will be moving in, hopefully to stay a little longer then we have here which will probably be approximately 18 months by the time Spire Hill is finished. The size is 1900 sq. ft.

Sadly I won't be getting my needlecraft room just yet! For ages I've been wanting the computer and DH with all his paper work out of the dining room and the smallest bedroom is where it's all going to go! I'm hoping one day we'll build a house with an office downstairs for him and then I'll be able to have my needlecraft room. :o)

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Kim B said...

Those are beautiful pictures of your home. It's always hard to leave a home and all the memories there. But it is fun to have new space!

Sally said...

Your home is beautiful Carol. Good luck selling it.

I've just had a lok at your new self build too and it looks fantastic!

Julie said...

Good Luck with the sale, hope everything goes smoothly

Anonymous said...

Lovely home you have made Carol, I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling it

Hazel said...

Been nosying around your blog. You do some lovely finishing. xx

Sharon said...

Both homes are wonderful! Just think of the new memories to come! I must admit though-I really am partial to Spire Hill!

Mylene said...

You have a beautiful home. Goodluck with the sale.

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