Wednesday, October 08, 2008

September's Monthly Challenge

Design: Windy Willows complimentary found here
Fabric: 32ct Belfast Flax Linen
Threads: DMC 347

Better late then never! Last night I finally got around to adding the trim to my finish for the Jayne's Attic September challenge. The design is Noel a complimentary design from Windy Willows which can be find here. I've not been very adventurous with the finish, just a simple little ornament with a ruched ribbon trim. The fabric is 32ct Belfast Flax Linen and was stitched 1 over 1 with DMC 347.

Yet again I've not had many finishes to share. I mentioned in a previous post that DH Colin would be returning to work overseas, so the last few weeks have been a little busy for me. Colin started his new job last month as a marine offshore terminal manager, for export oil operations stationed in the Black Sea. He was away for just over 4 weeks and has been back home again now for just over a week. It's a very short trip home this time, as he's off again next Monday. This will mean that he is able to slot into his regular work schedule of 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off (travelling in his own time of course!), which works out brilliant, as it means he's going to be home for Christmas! It's been several years since Colin last worked overseas and I surprised myself at how quickly I settled back into my old routine, perhaps because it was all I had ever known since before we were married, and we've been married now for 26 years!

Due to bad weather delaying the start of a dive which Colin also had to supervise while he was away, he wasn't able to make it home in time to see our youngest Matthew off to Brighton University, missing it by just a few days! That was one hectic week for me, having to get everything organised and seeing Matthew off on my own, not to mention really, really sad too! I thought this time it would be easier as I'd already gone through it with Jase. It wasn't though, I bawled my eyes out just as much and couldn't walk into his room without bursting into tears for days after, just the same as it was with Jase! Last weekend we went to Brighton and dropped off the last of his things he wanted with him. It was so upsetting again leaving him but I'm a lot happier now, after seeing how well he is settling in.

I know I don't post too often, but thank you so much for continuing to drop by. I really do appreciate it! :o)

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Susimac said...

Such a pretty finish as always Carol, - so lovely.

Sending friendship hugs your way so you don't get to lonely with them all leaving the nest.

Julie said...

A gorgeous finish, you always stitch and finish things off so perfectly.

Aww poor you, home alone, i'm sure he'll be back for regular visits. My DD has put in an application for a place of her own - that scares me too!

Anonymous said...

That's a very pretty ornament Carol.

Yuko said...

Very beautiful finishing as always!
This is very pretty indeed!

Sandrajay: said...

Beautifully stitched and finished! I realy do enjoy seeing your work.

Unknown said...

lovely finish carol!

Carol R said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing Carol.
I got as far as printing off the pattern as work got in the way!

Sally said...

That is a beautiful finish Carol.

I hope you get settled down soon Carol. Lots of hugs coming your way.

Julie said...

Carol, I'm new to the blog world and am contacting you for the first time. Your blogspot was the first I spotted when entering this world of blogging, and you are the first person I added to my "Blogs I Admire" list. I must say, you do excellent and beautiful work!!! I LOVE your finishings - they are perfect.

Hazel said...

Beautiful ribbon rouching! My hubby works away a lot too so I understand where you are coming from. Perhaps you deserve a little stitching treat to cheer yourself up lol. x

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck...your finishing is just beautiful. I could never do the ribbon rouching so I just had to figure out how to do it differently and ended up doing a ribbon gathering. Are you a professional finisher. Your finishing is of the quality to be one. Very beautiful work Carol.

Just A Thought from Judy Odell

Anonymous said...


ton blog est superbe, bravo

Moreen said...

Great finishing Carol I love it.

Tracy Dixon said...

I love the ribbon detail just finishes it off perfect

Rachel V said...

Very sweet, Carol!

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