Saturday, September 26, 2009

Look What My Mum Made Me!

It's been a while since I've had a finish to show, although I do have quite a few small pieces still waiting to be made up, so I really must crack on with them sometime soon! I even have a little Christmas stitching from last year that still needs putting together! I've only done a little stitching recently as Colin has been home on his time off and I never get a lot done then as we make the most of enjoying our time together doing other things. My sister Debra has also been over from South Africa and staying close by, so of course I've wanted to enjoy time with her when I could too! Anyway, as I have no stitchy pics I thought I would show you this gorgeous beaded scissors fob that my Mum made for me. She has actually made four of these, one for both of my sisters Debra and Sarah, and of course one for herself! The beads are all swarovski crystal and silver and the lobster claw and fairy charm are silver too. Thank you for making this for me Mum, I absolutely love it!

Thank you so much to those who commented on my previous post, for help choosing a new sewing machine. Still undecided but I did find it really interesting and enjoyed reading what you all had to say, so thank you again! Once I have my new sewing machine I will post a picture so that you can see which one I eventually decided on!

I'm looking forward to an exciting day out tomorrow with my Mum and sister Sarah. We are off to the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts Show at Westpoint, Exeter. It's only about an hours drive for us and we go every year. We've been looking forward to it for a long time - I can't wait to go and will hopefully get to spend lots of pennies there too! :o)

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glamlawlib said...

Lovely scissor fob, very pretty, well done your Mum!

BTW I have a Bernina 170/180, that I bought from e-Bay a while back for quilting and embroidery. Have to confess I haven't had much time to use it accept for basic sewing but I absolutely love it!

Michelle said...

Oh thats so pretty - well done Mum. Michelle x

Rachel V said...

beautiful fob! What a talented mum.

Irene said...

Lovely fob !

argone said...

what a lovely/precious scissors keeper ... congratulations to your mum !

Julie said...

Well done Mum, its gorgeous.

Hope you had a lovely day out together and didnt come home bankrupt!!

Karan said...

Oh what a truly gorgeous fob - love it. Hope you had a great time at the show. :0)

Tracy Dixon said...

What a beautiful fob and a great mum, hope you enjoyed the show

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